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  • King’s Night for the Party Animal

    By Louie Renardel de Lavalette — As we all know, King’s Night is about to be upon us, and for most of us this means that it is time to really let loose and have some drinks and/or do some drugs. However, sometimes we want to party on a budget, or do something that is […]

  • King’s Day for the Treasure Hunter

    By Lara Neervoort — King’s Day is the best day of the year to score those vintage pumps, records or one-of-a-kind sunglasses for less than five euros! Everyone is out on the street selling their stuff, making King’s Day a bargain hunting frenzy. But you do need to know where to find the best secondhand […]

  • King’s Day for a Nomad With a Little Coin to Spare

    By Ricardas Beilskis — You want to have a remarkable King’s Day experience, but are too adventurous or too hipster to confine yourself to Amsterdam, right? Or maybe you just want to make sure that if you wake up in a random place after King’s Night, say Rotterdam, you don’t waste time trying to get […]

  • AUC Wins UCSRN Tournament, UCR Second

    By Frank Cox — On Saturday, Apr. 18, participants from six university colleges from around the Netherlands gathered in Amsterdam for the annual University College Student Representatives the Netherlands (UCSRN) Tournament. They competed in sports and creative contests hosted by Amsterdam University College at the Science Park Campus. After a day of diverse competitions, and a […]

  • Free Ice Cream Almost Causes Stampede

    By Alexander Velichkov — Security guards had to push away a mob from the ice cream truck at Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day held in front of Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA on Tuesday, Apr. 14. Four AUC students were stuck in the crowd, and one of them suffered minor injuries. Pathé Amsterdam, the host of […]

  • Winners of AUC’s Dorm Room Competition Demonstrate Originality and Individuality of Styles

    By Berlesu Kerimoglu — This March, Amsterdam University College held a contest in which students voted and elected their favorite style of dorm rooms. The winning rooms were Roxy Frey’s, 22, single room and Luana Carretto’s, 25, double room, which she shares with her husband, Dennis Polli, 35. Frey and Carretto will each be awarded […]

  • AUC Takes 3rd Place in UCSRN’s 48-Hour Film Challenge

    By Martin Hoffmann — During the UCSRN tournament on Saturday, Apr. 18, the University Colleges competed in a creative challenge that was all about time pressure. The teams were given two days to script, shoot, and edit a short film of a given genre. With a gender-bent western, Erasmus University College (EUC) was deemed the […]

  • AUC Board Member Ivana Neamtu Discusses Changes in the College’s Governance Structure

    By Lara Neervoort — Ivana Neamtu, student member of the AUC board, is very up to date on all matters AUC and spoke with The Herring about the proposed governance change of AUC. On March 6, AUC Internal Communications sent out a message to all students, stating that the two Executive Boards (CvB) of the […]